Paul Lowe on Buddhism

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I was mildly surprised the other day to read that someone had not realised
just how corrupted and insidious is religion. I consider it, together with
marriage, one of the most destructive institutional energies on the planet -
as I do anything that attempts to take away our self responsibility.
(That we are stupid enough to follow is another subject.)

So I wondered how many of you are also under an illusion about Buddhism?
Unlike Christianity, there seems to be many written eyewitness reports about
Buddha's life.

Everything I have read about Buddha is that he was a highly intelligent
being with very simple ways. Simple way of living. Simple clothes.
No ceremony. Just simple day to day living.

Now look at 'Buddhism"! At least equally ridiculous as the Vatican.

Did you know?
When Buddha died, instantly there were thirty-two different sects created?

Buddha is quoted as saying: "If you meet me on the way, kill me."
And, 'do not worship images.' There must be as many statues of Buddha as
there is of Jesus hanging on the cross - who is also quoted as saying 'do
not worship graven images.'
At least the statues of Buddha portray him as happy and peaceful.

What a stupid species we are.

One thing Buddha has bequeathed us - is to remind us to meditate.
The most simple form is: just sitting. Very difficult for most minds - even
the more simple Eastern ones.

Of course there are many 'methods.'
One you can do, almost anywhere, is to follow your breath - in and out.
At the peak of the input and output there is a 'still point.'

(Many years ago I wrote a book: 'The Art of Sitting.'
One day I will look it up and send a chapter.)

Happy sitting/Living...

-Paul Lowe

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