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A Deeper Look...

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"Know thyself" - Socrates.
(No-thyself - Zen)

Who Am I? - Eastern Tradition.
("Tell Me Who You Are" - Satori Group.)

Shall we take a deeper look together?
Let's take a little contemplative time-out today shall we?

What do we really, really know about ourselves.
Apart from the classic not-knowing-nesses: 'where do we come from, what
are we doing here, and where are we going afterwards' let's look at what
we actually know about ourselves in this very moment.

We know we have a body. Yet even with this basic thing, unless you are in
the trade it is unlikely that you know too much about how it works. Even
those in the profession do not know that much - and certainly not as much
as they think they do. They are discovering new things all the time

So you have a body and it/you are male or female, heterosexual,
Homosexual, or multi-sexual. Right? But how much male and how much female?
Science has discovered that we are a mixture, and it depends on the
percentages which side we find ourselves. Some are in the middle - equal
parts of both, or not either. We are all unique, and not only that, we are
different in each moment!

(Have you checked it out for yourself? Have you had every possible sexual
experience you have been vaguely curious about?
Are you fully comfortable with all aspects of the sexual act? and
Every one?
Don't leave it too late, when you reach a certain age you often do not
have the necessary chemicals, yet the unfulfilled desire is still there.
Very frustrating.
Probably have to get recycled and come back again. Only to miss again!)

Now back to that brain.
Every time I go to write about the different depths and levels there is a
sensation of not being able to.

First, my mind cannot describe it -
because it does not have the capacity to encompass the level of intricacy
needed, and second because it is unlikely that your mind will let you go
beyond what your mind can follow.

It wants to feel it is control - that is its job. And keep I trying.

Although not fully accurate, here is one way of describing it.
The mind is a series of memory storage sections, and when something comes
up to comprehend it goes not to the present experience, but to one of the
storage units.  So if in the past you did not like broccoli, your mind will remind you of
that.  And not only that, if you taste it is likely to give you the same
unpleasant sensation - based on the past. Same with most of the other
things you feel fear or discomfort about - all to do with the past, not
the present moment.

That is not easy to accept is it. You either like the taste of broccoli or
you don't!

Here it is, right in front of you. Solid, real, indisputable.
Here is a very interesting experiment to assist you seeing that there are
other possibilities that you were not told about at school.

A scientist worked out the basic frequency of an orange.
In a box with a small hole he projected those frequencies.
When someone put in their hand into the empty box - they felt an orange!
Absolutely. No doubt.

So not only can you see and hear things that are not there -
you can feel them as well.

So as we keep saying, everything is not what you think it is - or even if
it is at all.

(Incidentally, people who hear voices are often diagnosed as Schizophrenic.
Fear not - you are in famous company: Moses, Joseph, Jesus, Mohamed - and
lots of other people who are accepted as not only normal, but exulted!
Even president Bush!)

So when you are not fully aware in the moment you just take as a fact the
messages and sensations your mind gives you.

So the suggestion from the East to ask yourself: "Who Am I?" is not a
one-off - it is every moment - for you, and everything, is changing - in
each moment.

There is lots, lots more. Let's see how you get on with that much.

Happy Sunday...
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