Seduction by Zedelef

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January 30, 2008 by Zedelef

A so-called seduction artist invited me to one of his private meetings last night. He claims to be a protégé of that guy that Tom Cruise’s character is based on in Magnolia. The seduce and destroy king. The one that has the deep seated emotional issues that turn out to be stemmed by his stubborn father who dies regretting everything he ever did. Apparently he’s a legend. He does seminars in tropical resorts where he teaches men a version of Neural Linguistic Programming which is basically a bunch of psychological techniques that inspire women to want to hump you. In the advanced class he charges several thousand dollars to reveal how to shoot energy beams out of your groin and talk to a woman’s libido on the Chimpanzee level. From what I can tell though it’s a bit like the Jedi mind trick in that it only works on Stormtroopers and drunk out-of-towners. Then again at least its an honest package. First you seduce yourself into a relationship, then you destroy it. Because once you’re in it you have no idea how to maintain it. But this guy was nothing like him. He’d split entirely from his school of thought because he disagreed with the principles. In particular the idea of trying to control emotions. Becuase he said that if either party ever tried to suppress something they’d just give themselves a tumor. Because it wasn’t about suppression. It was about understanding expression. About changing ones perception of the so-called negative kind where she calls you one thing and you call her another. It was about seeing it as an energy exchange like any other. Like Squash or Paddycake. He said that the domestic dispute had been given a bad rap. That we needed to reeducate ourselves in the art of making war because it was the inverted side of making love. That it was just as natural as rain or darkness. Because if all the earth ever got was sunshine nothing would ever grow. Because only a thunderstorm has the power to cleanse build-up and make way for new life.      

January 26, 2008 by Zedelef

Women are fed up of watching men get all upset and walk away the minute they tell us they have boyfriends. They’re completely fed up with it. It makes us look like losers. Like zombies totally content with having sex with people we’re not even interested in talking to. It so embarrassing. And they see it immediately. They even wait for us to expose ourselves. You can ask them. They know whats happening. They can smell bullshit a mile off. They string us along just watch us fall harder. They’re not stupid. They watch us playing that super nice guy, that oh so charming role, right up until the moment they say it and we drop the mask and suddenly go from nice guy, to douche bag. What do we really expect? For them to walk around with vagina unavailable signs on their foreheads? Its ridiculous. If we could just spend a single day as a woman, a single night, just to watch ourselves and the ways in which we use one utterly lame, completely transparent ruse after another, solely for the purpose of getting laid, we’d be disgusted.  

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