Cobra on the Event and the Spiritual Liberation of the Planet

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NewEarth   Alan Steinfeld of New Realities talks to Cobra, a code name for a freedom fighter contactee from the Pleidians working for the liberation of the light forces on planet Earth...  His voice is also disquised because he needs to keep his identity secret at this time...

Part 1 - Cobra talk about how "Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody."  This interview is about the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. For more about Cobra go to:

 Part 2-  is an interview Deborah Peitsch and some of her energetic downloads of higher frequencies for the planetary ascension. Deb's website is:

The man code-named Cobra has for 35 years has been in contact with an underground movement, resisting the dark forces attempting to control humanity.  The nature of the dark forces have wreaked havoc on Earth, but the resistance movement is on the brink of a major breakthrough. 

Cobra voice is  masked by electronic modulation due to safety concerns. He described his contacts with an advanced underground civilization, the "Agartha Network," who are connected with the Pleiadians and other ET races. This network is helping to stabilize the situation on Earth, and has prevented WWIII and nuclear attacks from occurring, he explained. Cobra, who also claims to be in communication with beings from Planet X that are assisting in the resistance movement, said we are nearing the time when a galactic prophecy will unfold-- "a galactic network of light will be completed, and darkness will be no more."

Cobra's talk includes:
Quarantine Earth and Archon

Forces of Light and forces of darkness

Resistance Movement
New financial system

*New advanced technologies

*Galactic superwave

*Joining the Light forces

*Planetary liberation meditation

*Healing the timelines

*Experiencing Goddess energies

*Goddess Vortex meditatio

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  • Comment Link Elizabeth Whitney Monday, 07 October 2013 05:20 posted by Elizabeth Whitney

    I was very impressed with your Cobra interview from last year which I just found and listened to. You have a lovely technique in the interview art. I really hope you can get Cobra back. It feels quite important to keep his info out there and current in more than one interview style. I come from a background in print journalism way back when that was itself an art and a craft. I would love to interview Cobra myself.

  • Comment Link Tara Friday, 11 January 2013 01:10 posted by Tara

    Hi There,
    thank you for interviewing cobra he is awesome..
    Tara Grace...

  • Comment Link todd Monday, 03 December 2012 23:06 posted by todd

    I began to resonate w/11:11 around 92-93...b4 internet, b4 my activation (consciously) a presence is what i felt, one greater than myself, but indwelling within, all at once....brings peace to know others too, have resonated with 11:11.

  • Comment Link V Thursday, 29 November 2012 00:48 posted by V

    Awesome, we very much enjoyed, thankyou

  • Comment Link Aradia Wednesday, 28 November 2012 20:18 posted by Aradia

    @ Steve Power: I decided to go ahead and post the first part of my attempt at transcribing this interview, as I had difficulty posting my previous message. It is not exact or word for word but is a combination of scribbles and memory. Please excuse my typing, not a strong point. I am assuming you have knowelege of the physical/non physical archons?
    Interview ( first part).
    Nobody know when event will be. At a moment close to this, a very strong energy impulse will come from source from the galactic centre towards Earth.. ET races are surrounding Earth in their light ships. They will receive this impulse and send it to the resistance beneath the surface of the Earth and the resistance will relay this to Earth surface dwellers,. The cabal leaders will be arrested and removed from positions of power. At the same time, a strong energy flash will happen to assist humanity through this process. It will happen quite quickly, in a matter of days and a new society will start to be constructed. It will be announced on the media, the light forces will take over the media and people will receive instructions from their own TV. There will be internal changes as well as external, humans will be able to be more loving beings.
    We are approaching the ? Second Renaissance and this involves
    1/Return of the Goddess
    2/Operation ? Greenlight to distribute ideas of spirituality to all humans.
    There are Lightworkers on the Surface of the Earth who have had many incarnations as a training ground and their awakening if getting faster., more are awaking.
    21st Dec is an excellent opportunity to step forward but one yet knows what will happen. More intel can be released after Dec 5th as some things will be de classified after this time.
    The 11.11 gate started in 1992 and is a code for inter dimensional doorway with completion on Nov 22nd .Each step brings a higher vibration and this is an opportunity once in 25000 years ,
    The cabal manipulation of humans is physical, eg financial system and non physical by influencing mind, emotions and energy fields causing humans to fall deeply asleep. Awakening involves our own higher self and the understanding of the extent of the control and taking action about this.
    As the critical mass of humanity awakes, they cannot exert control much longer.
    In the past there were galactic wars and light forces have liberated planet after planet . The dark forces had decided to cut themselves off from source, which is why they have to utilise the energy of others. The chose Earth as their ' home' and 25,000 years ago quarantined Earth off. Since then few light forces have been able to make contact and then only with the permission of the cabal.
    What is now happening is that light forces are advancing daily on the physical and non physical planes. The archons are given the choice to surrender and will then be helped to access the light. Those that do not will be transformed in the galactic sun. When the dark forces are gone, it will be a relief for humanity as much suffering is archon induced.
    Humans will not need to struggle/fight for survival as slaves, abundance will be common place. New technology,transportation and healing will be revealed followed by first contact hich will be an official diplomatic event. Cobra goes through the weekly liberation meditation.
    I will continue when I have time.

  • Comment Link Aradia Wednesday, 28 November 2012 15:56 posted by Aradia

    @ Steve Power:
    My heart goes to you. There does not seem to be any transcript. If you post that you are still around, I will make some notes as I listen and post them here as a short summary. If you have been listening to the others, I can just put what is different.

  • Comment Link Lynn Mystic-Healer Wednesday, 28 November 2012 02:57 posted by Lynn Mystic-Healer

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  • Comment Link Fritz Tuesday, 27 November 2012 17:52 posted by Fritz

    Cobra's muffled voice is nearly impossible to understand! Don't you think the CIA has the technology to clarify his voice? Aren't we late enough in the game to hear Cobra's true voice?

  • Comment Link Carlota Robledo Sunday, 25 November 2012 13:17 posted by Carlota Robledo

    Please tell me how can I hear this interview. I have found no links to do it. Thank you.

  • Comment Link Ellicia Sunday, 25 November 2012 04:53 posted by Ellicia

    Deb had some good info...but wow, i have never been so frustrated in listening to someone. Every time she was asked a question...she would say all sorts of things to attempt to qualify and validate what she was about to say...then after that get onto another tangent without really answering the first just took her forever to answer any question and she could never get to the point.


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